Thursday, March 18, 2010

*** A Beautiful message ***

Tuckerz Originals - Written in 2008

Takes a big man to walk away from a fight
a bigger fool might stay
takes a bigger man than you or I
we're not the issue in this case

When he see's his brother die
and he hears his mothers cry
and the children too afraid to cry out
afraid to cry out in pain

do you feel safe to cry
not about you or I

Misery and pain is everywhere
on our Tv's and our radio's
Misery is all too clear
to compare we ain't suffered at all

We don't have to queue day's fo a drink
don't get told wen to think
and the children are safe to cry
safe to cry ut in pain.

is it any wonder no one smiles much now
unless there is cash in their hands
nothings for free in this world so i'm told
thats what i don't understand.

We don't dread the fall of night or fear a bomb suprise
and our children aren't afraid to shout out
or afraid to cry out in pain

Not about you or I
Not about you or I

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